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Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC)

Foam Dodgeball Championship

The Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC) is the annual championship tournament of the pro-am division of Major League Dodgeball.

The Foam Dodgeball Championship is held annually in Dallas, Texas, featuring teams in both men’s and women’s divisions. In addition to the annual tournament, FDC regional tournaments include Mexico City.

FDC features the worldwide standard 7-inch foam dodgeballs and rules of the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) for the fastest, most exciting, most competitive and most entertaining dodgeball action.


FDC 2024

FDC 2024 Official Poster

Date: November 9, 2024 (Tentative)
Location: Dallas
Status: Scheduled

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FDC 2023

FDC 2023 Poster

Date: November 18, 2023
Location: Dallas
Status: Completed

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FDC 2022

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2022

Date: November 12, 2022
Location: Dallas
Status: Completed

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FDC Mexico City 2022

Mexico Dodgeball Tournament

DATE: June 24-25, 2022
LOCATION: Mexico City
STATUS: Completed

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FDC 2021

FDC 21 Poster

DATE: November 13, 2021
STATUS: Completed

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FDC 2019

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2019

DATE: November 9, 2019
STATUS: Completed

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Host a Foam Dodgeball Championship In Your Area

Host Dodgeball Championship

The Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC) is inviting interested parties to apply to host an FDC championship in their area. The initiative seeks to expand the competitive sport of dodgeball while providing additional top-level playing opportunities for teams and players. FDC Mexico City 2022 is an example of a hosted FDC.

The Opportunity

  • Host an FDC championship tournament in your region.
  • Showcase your area as a competitive dodgeball location.
  • Generate excitement for the sport of dodgeball in your area.
  • Build on your current dodgeball offerings.
  • Attract dodgeball players and teams to your area.
  • Provide additional playing opportunities for your local players and teams.
  • Create a legacy dodgeball event for your region.


  • FDC provides the template for a successful dodgeball tournament.
  • FDC provides assistance and advice for the organization of the tournament.
  • FDC provides advertising and exposure for the tournament through its social media channels and contact lists.
  • FDC creates an FDC-branded logo for the tournament.
  • FDC branding provides a familiar and known product for participants.


FDC foam dodgeball championships are characterized by nice venues, new or slightly used 7-inch WDBF foam dodgeballs, maximum playing times, men’s and women’s divisions (with optional co-ed division) and custom awards. The championships adhere to the rules of the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF). FDCs are foam dodgeball only tournaments for the benefit of teams and players.

  • The host organizer is responsible for 100% of the operating costs.
  • The host organizer assumes all commercial and legal responsibility for the tournament. FDC is a consultant only.
  • Minus a small percentage to FDC for admin costs, the host organizer receives 100% of revenues from team registrations, sponsorships, merchandising*, advertising, ticket sales and other commercial opportunities.


  • Select a date that does not interfere or compete with other FDC events.
  • Secure a suitable venue that is clean, accessible and affordable with enough courts to provide maximum playing time for the number of teams and divisions participating.
  • Name the tournament (FDC + city or region + year). For example: FDC Mexico City 2023.
  • Obtain sufficient dodgeballs for the tournament, to include spare dodgeballs.
  • Create social media pages for the tournament. Create an event at Facebook. Disseminate information widely through all of your online resources.
  • Design and purchase custom medals or other awards for the tournament.
  • Provide online registration and payment for teams and players.
  • Develop a tournament schedule and means to record results of games during the event.
  • Arrange a hotel block (in the area of the tournament) with special rates for out-of-area players.
  • If possible, arrange airfare or transportation deals for out-of-area players.
  • Seek out and secure sponsors and partners for your event.
  • Review local vaccination and other health regulations that pertain to your event.
  • Sports insurance may be required for your venue and event.
  • Security may be required by your venue.
  • Enlist volunteers to assist with the event.
  • If an international event, provide information about visa, vaccination and other country entry requirements.
  • Have information readily available about the closest hospital or emergency health clinic in case of injury at tournament.
  • Have a plan to live stream event or record all games for future broadcast.

Apply for an FDC Event

Interested parties should contact MLD with the following information:

  • Your name and contact info.
  • Proposed date of event.
  • Proposed location of event.
  • List prior dodgeball organizational experience or other event organizational experience.

* merchandising: Event merchandise only.

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