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MLD Announces the Dodgeball Grand Slam

Dodgeball Grand Slam

Major League Dodgeball (MLD) is announcing the Dodgeball Grand Slam, the next iteration in the development of professional-style competitive Dodgeball. In the developmental stage, the Dodgeball Grand Slam will feature top Dodgeball teams and players in a professional format. The initiative seeks to garner fans, sponsors, advertisers, exposure and excitement for the sport while creating inherent value for players, team owners and stakeholders. The first Grand Slam championship tournament is planned for 2024 or 2025. The Dodgeball Grand Slam is presented in affiliation with USA Dodgeball and the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF).

Dodgeball Grand Slam

The Dodgeball Grand Slam will feature up to four divisions playing in the WDBF Foam Dodgeball format. The Open division will consist of a pro division with teams consisting mostly of players rated “A” by MLD’s Dodgeball Player Skills ratings system, and a semi-pro division consisting of skilled players and teams. Teams in the pro division are expected to have city or region-based names as found in other professional sports organizations (Houston Matrix for example). Open semi-pro teams are also encouraged to adopt city-based team names, a best practice found in most all major sports organizations. The women’s division will also consist of a pro and a semi-pro division.

  • Open Division: Pro
  • Open Division: Semi-Pro
  • Women’s Division: Pro
  • Women’s Division: Semi-Pro

MLD is currently seeking interested players, teams, sponsors and advertisers for the Dodgeball Grand Slam. Interested parties should contact Tom Wakefield at [email protected].

Dodgeball Grand Slam


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