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About Major League Dodgeball (MLD)

About Major League Dodgeball

MLD – Major League Dodgeball

Major League Dodgeball is the premier tournament dodgeball league in North America. Our events include the MLD Grand Slam, the annual championship tournament of the Pro Division of Major League Dodgeball, and the Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC), a pro-am open tournament held annually in Dallas, Texas.


The mission of Major League Dodgeball is to create inherent value for the sport of dodgeball for players, teams, owners, stakeholders, sponsors, advertisers and fans.

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  • To popularize and legitimize the sport of competitive dodgeball to the public.
  • To elevate the sport of competitive dodgeball to the professional sports level.
  • To provide top-level playing opportunities for players and teams.
  • To stage top-level dodgeball events, leagues, tournaments and championships.
  • To coordinate with allied organizations (including USA Dodgeball, Dodgeball Canada, Federacion Mexicana de Dodgeball and the World Dodgeball Federation) for the success and development of dodgeball on the local, national and international levels.
  • To foster and encourage the development of grassroots youth and adult recreational dodgeball leagues.
  • To create an enthusiastic fan base for the sport of dodgeball.
  • To create a viable and profitable infrastructure and business model for the sport of competititve dodgeball.


MLD, a project of Dallas Dodgeball, is owned by Tom Wakefield and Cody Stidham.


USA Dodgeball

Major League Dodgeball (MLD) is a member organization of USA Dodgeball.


Tom Wakefield: [email protected]

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Major League Dodgeball
P.O. Box 774
Dallas TX 75214

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Major League Dodgeball is a live trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The official full-color red, white and blue Major League Dodgeball logo (copyrighted) features the words Major League Dodgeball. The three stars represent the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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The versatile one-color MLD logo can be presented in any color.

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