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Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021 (FDC 21) Recap

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021

Thirty six teams (24 men’s division and 12 women’s division teams) competed for Dodgeball glory at the Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021 (FDC 21), powered by VII Apparel, at the Drive Nation sports facility in Irving, Texas on November 13th, 2021. Many of the top competitive players and teams in the U.S. and beyond were in attendance. With COVID-19 still being an issue for competitive dodgeball, FDC 21 ended up being the largest dodgeball tournament in North America for the year 2021.

The tournament featured the 7-inch foam dodgeballs and rules of the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF). Modeled after the WDBF format, teams competed in a round robin of eleven 10-minute games that determined seeding for the single-elimination championship brackets with games of two 10-minute halves. In the end, Fortune, captained by Lucas Boyle in the men’s division, and Pride, captained by Alaina Meeks in the women’s division, emerged victorious.


With so many top players and teams in attendance, place finishes were well earned and deserved. Congratulations to the place finishers of FDC 21, listed below.


1st Place Dodgeball
1st Place: Pride (Captain: Alaina Meeks)

2nd Place Dodgeball
2nd Place: Finesse (Captain: Bryanna London/Karina Amezcua)

3rd Place Dodgeall
3rd Place: Invasion (Captain: Kate Gong)


1st Place Men's
1st Place: Fortune (Captain: Lucas Boyle)

2nd Place Men's Dodgeball
2nd Place: Crysis (Captain: Brody Johnson)

3rd Place: Outsiders (no photo) (Captain: Elijah Hashimoto)


Dodgeball Results

Dodgeball Results

Dodgeball Results

Dodgeball Results


Special thanks to Marjan Samadi for hundreds of professional-quality photos from the tournament.

Dodgeball Game

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021

Foam Dodgeball Championship 2021


The champions of each division received these awesome jerseys from VII Apparel. VII Apparel is ready to create awesome jerseys for your team or event also!

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Ballistae Dodgeball Gear
Ballistae Dodgeball Gear and Apparel at FDC 21.
Nagini Brand
Paydin Layne LoPachin shows off her Nagini Brand athletic rings.


Dodgeball Poster


Thanks to everyone who participated at FDC 21, powered by VII Apparel, for making this a special event. Special thanks to tournament co-director Cody Stidham for the great setup of courts and nets, and to Joe Colella for the flawless schedules and scorecards. More than a few people mentioned the great scorecards that also had the next games listed. Thanks to Marjan Samadi for traveling to the tournament to assist with event management, and also for the professional photos. Thanks to Alex Wakefield and Adrian Sandlin for score and clock management. Thanks to everyone who helped Cody with setting up and taking down the nets and equipment. Thanks to VII Apparel for the captains bags, championship jerseys and sponsorship of the event. Thanks to Drive Nation for the first class athletic facility. Thanks to USA Dodgeball for organizing dodgeball in the United States, making events such as this possible, and thanks to the WDBF for standardizing the sport worldwide and providing a template for such competitive events. Thanks to the team captains for the many things they did, to include going the extra mile to comply with the tournament COVID protocols and all the direction during the tournament for getting teams (and refs) to the right courts at the right times. This was a huge key to the success of this tournament. Thanks so much to the many players who stepped up during the tournament, including several players who provided very professional reffing during the championship games. Thanks to everyone who donated toys or money to the Jason’s Dream Foundation. Thanks to Ballistae Gear and Nagini Brand for exhibiting dodgeball-related products. And thanks to everyone for committing to FDC 21 and those who traveled from far and wide to attend despite the unusual circumstances of the times (the ongoing pandemic). – Tournament co-director Tom Wakefield

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