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VIDEO: Pro Baseball Players Play Dodgeball

While there are a number of skills involved in the sport of Dodgeball, in the end, the game is mostly about firepower and throwing ability. That’s why a number of the top competitive Dodgeball players, including Team USA’s Elijah Hashimoto and Cody Stidham, have a background in baseball (especially in pitching). Baseball skills, including throwing velocity and accuracy, translate nicely to the sport of Dodgeball.

In this video by Momentum, a social media company that connects athletes and fans, players with Major League and Minor League Baseball experience face off in six games of Dodgeball. The featured players are:

Cole Winn
Brandon Bailey
Kyle Leahy
Riley Widell
Bradley Gonzales
Trevor Bauer
Eric Sim
Rachel Luba (former gymnast and competitive boxer)

Indeed, the pro players did make some good throws, but we expected more. It appears the dodgeballs used in the games are 7-inch no sting balls, much larger and more “squishy” than official baseballs. Though the video is fun to watch to see how top athletes fare stepping onto a Dodgeball court, the experience shows the sport of Dodgeball requires much experience within the game itself.

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