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Major League Dodgeball (MLD) Partnership Opportunities

Major League Dodgeball 2023 Bid Manual

Major League Dodgeball Partners

Table of Contents

1.0 Dodgeball Defined
1.1 Background
1.2 Major Sport
1.3 MLD Partners
2.0 MLD Bidding Opportunities
2.1 Jersey Partner
2.2 Broadcast Partner
2.3 Energy Drink Partner
2.4 Action Camera Partner
2.5 Naming Rights
2.6 Venue Partners
2.7 Event Awards
2.8 General Event Partners
3.0 Intent to Bid Form

1.0 Dodgeball Defined

Dodgeball Defined

In the game of Dodgeball, players on two opposing teams throw balls to hit opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. The objective is to eliminate all opposing players by hitting them with thrown dodgeballs, or catching balls thrown by opponents. Games are played on a volleyball-sized court with a center line. In Major League Dodgeball, teams start games with six players on the back lines and six balls on the middle line. Players must stay on their half of the court. During the opening rush, players dart to the middle line to claim balls for their team for game play. Teams trade throws until all players are eliminated on one side.

1.1 Background

Dodgeball Game

Dodgeball, one of the most popular games in the world, is now a highly competitive and highly entertaining professional sport.

The modern-day sport of Dodgeball saw its inception with the popularity of the Dodgeball movie in 2004. Leagues formed across N. America and the world in the wake of the movie. But what started as recreational and social dodgeball based on the movie soon progressed into more serious tournaments as players matured in their dodgeball skill sets. Today’s top dodgeball players are highly-skilled athletes who exhibit a wide-range of athleticism. Matrix moves and catlike reflexes are common in games where many dodgeballs are moving at speeds of 70 mph or more. It is the most competitive, exciting, and entertaining sport in our opinion.

1.2 Major Sport

Dodgeball Game

Dodgeball is now a major sport…

The competitive sport of Dodgeball is growing, with leagues, tournaments and championships across N. America and around the world. The most recent Dodgeball World Championships, held in Edmonton, Canada in 2022, featured national teams from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Austria, Great Britain, Italy and Argentina to name a few. In the U.S., the game has become a featured sport for the NFL’s Pro Bowl. And commercial events, such as the House of Highlights Dodgeball Showdown, have garnered millions of page views on social media. Indeed, the favorite game of childhood has matured into a very entertaining and marketable platform.

The second half of the 2014 Dodgeball World Championship between the U.S. and Canada has generated more than 45 million views at YouTube!

1.3 MLD Partners

Major League Dodgeball Player

Major League Dodgeball is taking the sport, and your brand, to the next level…

Major League Dodgeball (MLD) features the sport’s top players and teams in a highly marketable and entertaining format that mirrors the standard operating practices of major sports organizations. This format is guaranteed to draw widespread exposure for the league and MLD partners. While our social media channels are new, we are connected to a worldwide dodgeball community with tens of thousands of participants and fans. As we grow, we want our partners to grow with us. Let our MLD brand help your brand reach new markets and new heights.

MLD Bidding Opportunities


Major League Dodgeball has the following bidding opportunities available for brands, products and services identified as being mutually beneficial with MLD. Interested parties should send their bids to [email protected]. Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your bid.


Dodgeball Jersey Partner

Dodgeball is known for it’s colorful and unique jerseys and MLD is seeking an apparel company that can provide sublimated jerseys for MLD players and teams. Additionally, we have two bidding opportunities for 2024 events:

  • Dodgeball Grand Slam: Provide 18 custom championship jerseys to the winning team players.
  • Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC): Provide 18 custom championship jerseys to the winning team players.


Dodgeball Broadcast

MLD is seeking a broadcast partner to record/stream/broadcast/and or televise Major League Dodgeball events such as the Dodgeball Grand Slam and the Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC).


Dodgeball Energy Drink Partner

Highlight your energy drink to a market that routinely uses energy drinks to stay hydrated and focused.


Action Camera for Dodgeball

Small action cameras are the preferred method of recording dodgeball games and events. Highlight your action camera with an MLD partnership. Partnership can consist of product giveaways and contests (best action shot or game video recorded on camera).

2.5 MLD Naming Rights

MLD has three bidding opportunities for naming rights. Include your organization name in the wordmark of the MLD logo or event.

  1. MLD naming rights: (MLD, powered by Your Name, and Major League Dodgeball, powered by Your Name.) Includes MLD site logos at
  2. Dodgeball Grand Slam naming rights: (Dodgeball Grand Slam, powered by Your Name)
  3. Foam Dodgeball Championship (FDC) naming rights: (FDC, powered by Your Name)

2.6 MLD Venue Partners

MLD is seeking a North American sports venue for the 2024 Dodgeball Grand Slam. The venue should have:

  • Indoor, air conditioned space for 12 dodgeball courts (60×30 feet each).
  • Hard court (hardwoods, sport court, polished concrete, no turf).
  • Court dividers are a plus.
  • Proximity to major airport and hotels.
  • Good visuals for recording purposes.

2.7 MLD Event Awards

Partners provide awards to winning teams at MLD events, including products, trophies and medals.

2.8 MLD General Event Partners

Custom partnership packages are available. An example includes providing each player at an MLD event with a branded t-shirt, water bottle or bag.

2.9 Contest

Host a contest, including at a tournament or other event, and provide a prize to the winner(s).

3.0 Intent to Bid Form

Intent to Bid Form

(Copy and paste this form into a document or email to enter your bid proposal to Major League Dodgeball. Submit form to [email protected].)


(Enter organization name and website here.)


Contact name:






(Enter your bid or partnership proposal here. Include proposed bid fee and or financial value. Detail custom proposals.)



Submit information to [email protected]